Diving and snorkeling in Pula Chia Sardinia

Diving and snorkeling opportunities in the South Sardinian sea

Being based in Pula Chia, you can enroll a diving or snorkeling course or enjoy a diving or snorkeling excursion in our wonderful sea. It can not be more transparent than this!




Fralomar is a excellent authorized centre for internationally recognized diving qualifications, from beginners to instructor, as well as first aid and specialist and technical / Trimix courses qualifications. Located in Cala Verde, Santa Margherita, offers courses, diving/snorkeling escursions and equipment rental.309726_2528090840110_315529927_n

In a typical day, you will be taken among submerged mountains rising up from great stretches of white sand, discovering refuges for bream, grouper and sciaena umbra, moray eels and octopus. Shoals of smaller fish attract wandering predators such as dentex dentex and seriola dumerili. The rocks are rich in encrustations: mock coral, sponges, spirographis spallanzanii, nudibranchi molluscs, fields of parazoanthus anemones and hermit crabs with their own anemones are just some of the species found along our coasts.

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The lagoon park Laguna di Nora offers a snorkeling guided excursion in the crystal clear water of Nora bay, exploring the sea bottom within submersed Roman quarry rests of ancient Nora town and the beautiful coral formations. Swimming through fish, you can observe large poseidonia formations holding anphor fragments, witnesses of ancient shipwrecks and of Nora’s mercantile trade. Excursion leaves from a small beach equipped with the gear, where you start diving and observing bay’s bottom, reaching the quarry. posidonia esce lagunaSnorkeling in Nora bay is easy, because of its shallow water, on average 1-2 meters. The excursion goes for around 500 meters, for approximately an hour. After a shower and a drink on the panoramic terrace, excursion continues with the Visit Center, where you will be able to deepen your knowledge about Mediterranean sea ecosystem.

In the same place, don’t miss Fradis Minoris restaurant, serving local fish only, in respect of marine biodiversity.



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Nùre is an amateur sports association offering its associates sea’s activities followed by a freediving instructor and an expert driver. Nùre organizes outings raft trips for snorkeling and fishwatching adding some theoretical – practical knowledge about freedive. They also offer deep diving trainings to certified freedivers. They operate in Porto Pino – Is Pillonis to explore the wonderful dephts of the Sulcitana coast.





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