Excursions in Pula Chia Sardinia

Excursions in Sulcis forests or on the coast

Being based in Pula Chia, you can venture along a wild coast or into pristine forests.

Bitan Società Cooperativa


Our territory is rich of excursions opportunity. You can reach many places with your own car, your bike or just walking by yourself, like the Roman Trail or the Capospartivento lighthouse and its wild coast.

However, if you want a guide to explore what is not immediately visible, the best is to ask the locals!





Bitan is a cooperative funded by students and young graduates, willing to show you territory, nature, traditions, sagra, historical marks, hidden beaches, deserted even in August, wildlife, good food. Bitan society organizes naturalistic excursions in the mountain and coast territory of Domus de Maria and Chia. They search for Sardinian nature, perfumes and tastes in its most hidden places. It will be easy to find the lush vegetation, animals and also different kinds of cities such as Cagliari, Pula, Carloforte with their beautiful archaeological sites and their natural oasis.



sardegna sottosopra

Sardegna SottoSopra is a group of Guide Ambientali Escursionistiche enlisted in the Regional Register, offering guided tours for trekkers, divers (SottoSopra means upside down”) 4×4 excursions or motorcycles. They welcome experts but also beginners and people who just want to explore in safety forests and waters, learning how to orient, being able to read the territory.



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