Pulavventura – Adventure Park in Pula



In Santa Margherita di Pula you find the perfect place for active families!





Surrounded by nature, Pula Adventure Park is an amusement park made of “aerial paths“ placed at different heights from the ground. With help of lianas, ropes, Tibetan bridges, zip-lines, nets and catwalks you can pass from a tree to another in total security. Safety is guaranteed thanks to an innovative anti-fall system Coudou Pro. Unless an instructor does intervene with a special key, you won’t unhook the carabiner from the lifelines of the routes. You can hook or unhook the carabiner only when you are on the ground. No removal or violation of the lifeline = No risk of error. 

There are 6 routes for children of all age and other 6 more difficult routes for adults.

This park is the perfect union between exercise, fun and respect for nature. After a hard work, why not take advantage to dip yourself in the crystallin sea, or simply to take a rest in the white thin sand beach located just 100 m. from the park entrance?

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