Who we are

We are a group of non-hotel structures, at one side, and active vacation services providers, at the other side. We are bed&breakfast, guesthouses, agriturismo, but also tour guides, rentals, instructors, experts of various sport and cultural activities.

We live and work along the Sardinian southwest coast, from Pula to Chia. We know each other almost all and we have been collaborating for years to organize as best we can the vacations of our guests and clients.

We have come together in the association “Costa del Sud-Active vacations in non-hotel accomodations” to stabilize our collaboration. We believe in team work, information exchange and openess to anyone.

We are proud to be part of the social and economic growth of Sardinia, the best place where you could live, and we are looking forward to work side by side not only among us, but also with local institutions, hotel collegues and other touristic operators.

We would like to direct our efforts especially in the direction of the development of active holidays: we certainly have an amazing sea, well known, but we also live in a wonderful open air gym, with off-season mild temperatures and many outdoor recreation opportunities.

If you want more info or want to join the association, collaborate or make proposals, please send us an email at affiliazioni@pula.sardinia.it.